Unloading Equipment


Springland U-Trough Unload systems set the standard in high capacity, high quality unloading equipment. Ease of installation, top quality materials, and proven design are just a few reasons our satisfied customers have chosen Springland U-Trough systems over the competition for the past 30 years.

Standard Features:

11″ U-Trough with 9″ flight provides conservatively 5000-7500 BPH* unloading capacity.

  • Gearbox sweep drive features a fully enclosed shifting mechanism. Food grade oil is used to ensure no product contamination occurs.
  • A double length center gate provides 23″ of exposed flight for maximum unloading capacity.
  • Adjustable angle on the back plate.
  • Single Motor Drives the unloader and sweep from outside the bin.
  • Rack and pinion gate controls.
  • Gearbox shifter engages the sweep from outside the bin.
  • Sweep Stop – Limits the sweep to one revolution around the bin and is controlled outside the bin.


  • High Capacity
  • Unloading at 5000 to 7500 Bushels per hour*.
  • The Springland U-Trough design moves more material than traditional round tubes at the same horsepower with less chance of grain damage.

Durable Construction

With 14 Gauge G90 Galvanized materials, powder coated finishes and sealed gearboxes, Springland U-Troughs require minimal maintenance and will provide years of reliable operation.

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