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Grain Temperature Monitoring is Critical

When grain goes out of condition, regardless of the cause, there is always an unusual change in temperature. Excessive moisture, high temperature, and poor grain condition (insects or damaged kernels) are generally considered the most important factors that lead to problems with stored grain.

Monitoring the temperature of grain (watching for changing trends) on a regular basis gives the manager the best chance to make a correction when a temperature change is occurring, preserving good quality in grain. Knowing the temperature of the grain also makes it possible for the fans to be run only when they are needed, saving money in utilities.

One of the most common methods of sensing temperature changes in grain has long been the utilization of thermocouple systems. Thermocouples are the most widely used temperature sensor for many reasons.

      • They are accurate, low-cost, economical, and dependable.
      • The measurement is a point measurement with quick
         response to changing temperatures.
      • Knowing the temperatures allows the manager to look for a
         trend of changing temperatures indicating a potential
         problem with the stored commodity. 
      • In the rarity that a single sensor becomes non-functioning in a
         cable, the other sensor points in the cable keep reading.